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time to revamp equator

the inability to swap presets between iOS and desktop is just plain not right,

i cannot find any reference to traditional controllers (cc numbers)  like the mod wheel  as an assignable parameter. in the mod section.

set up this wonderful synth to work with ALL controllers not only your own,

tabbing between controller destinations' amount and the modulator is hard work at best.

 what about each of the boxes in the modulator window that pop out with all the associated parameters and controllers 

you have a good product but it certainly needs to be a great product.



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Can the modes be changed via midi?

Hey Sam,

Those are great ideas. Please feel free to add each feature request separately ( so that other creators can vote on them and we can keep good track of them.

I agree that a Dashboard for mobile would be useful. In the meantime, you might also consider using a Touch Block. Its Piano Mode button allows you to quickly put an attached Seaboard Block into piano mode.


i have had a look thank you and i thought that the panel only related to the rise controls. thank you.

i am trying to use the bloc as a traveling keyboard  for playing jazz. things i need are on iPad the ability to turn the bloc into piano mode for just a piano sound,

i can get around it by using the irig piano and turning off the extra controllers globally.

having something like the dashboard on iPad would be great!

dropping noise to be a background app i feel is a necessity.

i have been getting into equator a lot and understand its potential. 

thanks for the quick reply i learned something!


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Hey Sam,

Thanks for the ideas – those are some good suggestions. In the meantime, you may already know that under "Modulation Panel" you may click the arrows icon, click a macro slot, select "Other Controller" and then select the MIDI CC you'd like. This shows how to add a modulation wheel modulation source, for example:

And of course you may also use MIDI Learn.

Thanks again for the suggestions, and please let us know if you have any more.


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