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Blocks Dashboard - Save Multiple Setups

I have an use multiple blocks (Lightpads and Seaboard). At the moment if I want to change a mode on a block I have to configure them all individually. I would like to be able to have the ability to save and recall configurations for multiple blocks at a single go. ie I'm performing a particular song. Load a config that I use for that song and it configs appropriately all the blocks I'm going to use for that song

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I keep coming back to this request as if eyeballing it again will make it happen.. After almost (more than?) a year in the Roli ecosystem, this is actually something I find nearly heartbreaking, all Roli things considered. Kontakt configuration would be almost 50% more bearable... Multiple instruments in multiple DAW tracks.. The time saving aspect of this is ginormous. Add to this Remote Dashboard Control with say, a Controller Block or a clever PC Keyboard/mousewheel assignment... Anything to streamline in a pseudo-Live Setting kinda thought process. 

MPE pioneering doesn't happen overnight, but the waiting is hard to abide... :) 

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I am desperately waiting for this. I have a little armada of two Seaboard- plus two Lightpad Blocks. While composing I need to switch between several setups, depending on which VSTi I am adding material to. As I am usually composing my stuff section by section I find myself looking at Dashboard longer than at my DAW in the recording phase. Going through all 4 Blocks everytime is a major pain and time-killer.


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I've got 4 light pads and a block. I'd probably use them more if I had this feature and could quickly / easily shift between setups

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Same here - 4 lightpads and a seaboard block. 

Multi configs should be able to save and load all blocks at once and should support different physical layouts and settings for each block. Should also allow relevant settings to apply to multiple blocks at once so if for example I want to reduce the glide sensitivity for a 4 block note grid, all 4 will change at once.

this stuff is really important for professional level use of the Blocks system.

Adding my name to the list - Songmaker plus an additional Seaboard.  And I plan to add a couple more Blocks as I slowly replace all other controllers out of my rig...

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