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Sample support in Equator

I'd like to start using my seaboard and equator for sound design, but would require the ability to custom import my own samples.

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Here is one (that I am actually using) attached. It is very simple, one sample per note apart from the top and bottom ones - basically:

<region> sample=G2.wav pitch_keycenter=43 lokey=0 hikey=43

<region> sample=G#2.wav key=44

<region> sample=A2.wav key=45

<region> sample=A#2.wav key=46

... all the rest of the notes

<region> sample=D#5.wav key=75

<region> sample=E5.wav key=76

<region> sample=F5.wav pitch_keycenter=77 lokey=77 hikey=127

All the wav files are in the same folder as the sfz,


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It still works , at least on WIndows 10. Can't test the Mac version.

Check whether the SFZ files you test use note numbers (f.e.: 37) or note names (f.e.: c#2) to assign samples to keys. Equator fails miserably when attempting to load SFZ with note names, in a way that sounds much like the issues you describe.

It can be very tedious to translate all note names into numbers when the SFZ is dealing with lots of assignments, but it's currently the only workaround.

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That's awesome news! I'm glad I could be of help. I only tried some free SFZ i found on the net. I guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend :).

I find the decision to take the feature instruction out of the manual odd as well. Why not just add info instead, like which opcodes are supported exactly? It could be marked as preliminary feature about to change in the future and for the adventurous mind. There could also be a few examples of simple sfz available as download to look at and try/tweak.

It would most certainly be good for this community if users started to share their own libraries with other equator owners.

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To increase the chances of this working for those of you having trouble, I think one of the main issues might be getting Equator to find the sample(s). If you see an explanation point, or a message saying "downloading sample", then Equator is not locating the sample. I suggest keeping it simple. Ignore the instructions about the possibility of creating sub-folders (even though that would probably work if implemented correctly). With the SFZ document command 'sample=', use only the (exact) name of the sample, without it being preceded by any directory information. Make sure that the samples and it's related  SFZ file are in the same directory level, which is to say- have them both only in one folder,  which is placed inside the "Samples" folder.  And wherever you find the "Samples" folder, don't move it!


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Another vote  for this feature.  Please and thank you.

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Literally the only thing keeping me from buying the full version of Equator is the simple fact that you can't import your own samples like you can in 99% of modern software. Get with the times Roli, Soundfonts are so 1997. Really?  Get something like Audio Damage Quanta if you want a REAL modern sample player with granular weirdness. 

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I was able to load up a handful of free instruments off the net today and I have to say that this is a really great feature for this already great synth.  Being able to throw new samples into a patch opens up a tremendous amount of sonic possibilities.   I understand ROLI support doesn't want to deal with having to help people with this, but it is too bad that more people don't know about it.  If we had a unified user base all legally sharing sfz instruments that are formatted  properly, that would be a pretty amazing thing.

One thing that would be really nice if ROLI is still considering working on this functionality, would be if Equator could work with sfz files that list notes by pitch (ex. C#2) in addition to MIDI number  (ex. 37) which looks to currently be the only acceptable format.  There are quite a few instruments I found that provide sfz files with the pitch format only.  With some of the higher quality instruments the time it would take to get all of the pitches converted to numbers is not insignificant.  I decided to skip them for now and may take it on as a project later  but honestly I would rather spend time creating music.

Hi, you can simply record the sample from NI and then use it in equator.

Can u make the video public?

Oops! Ruben Dax demoed how it can be done and now that video disappeared?

Patrick - Do you have samples such as wav or aiff? If so it is easy. I don't know what NI India is but if it is not individual samples for notes then you can't do it.

You can see this video ... I think will support you.

It is really frustrating over nearly a year now, last reply via Facebook was like "stay tuned for updates".

No content updates, no feature updates....Equator could do so much more, and feels like unfinished "try out 5D Dimension showroom software" for so long now. (...luckily dont need it anymore because of falcon...).
Also Equator was not cheap (for seaboard owners a bit cheaper...), but for this price i can get much better solutions concerning MPE.

Sample Import is such a obvious thing...cmon Roli :(

Thx Woody,

Got it working. It comes with that warning/error  triangle symbol and that's what threw me off when I was working on my own samples.

Strangely I cannot get it working in either windows or mac.

If anyone could share a small sample sfz file that they have working with equator, I could perhaps decipher whats going wrong.

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