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Sample support in Equator

I'd like to start using my seaboard and equator for sound design, but would require the ability to custom import my own samples.

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Checked the Mac version last night where I am using several melatron SFZ imports and they still work fine. As said, the SFZ is quite fussy in the format but it does work.


I'll give it a try on windows VM then.

SFZ format is not a problem for me. I can write a script to convert note-names to numbers.

I have 2 x Roli seaboard blocks arriving next week and keen to get my own sampled sounds into equator. I have not created .sfz files before so I am sure there will be some head scratching. Would love a quicker sample import feature to be implemented.

Please add Sample Support.

There are not many sampler engines that offer complete MPE support. (Logic EXS24 gui does not scale well with 4k screens).

As Mentioned I tried using SFZ files, how that feature seems to have been crippled.

It finds the SFZ file fine and that even shows up in the menus but does not load the actual wav file and also breaks all other presets unless I remove the SFZ file and the samples from equator.

Has anyone got this working with the latest Equator?

Problem does not seem to be in the SFZ file itself as even the simplest SFZ file fails.

+1000000 / Importing samples is essential and will open an infinite sound design capabilities...

+1000 for this feature.

Had some old melatron samples kicking around so knocked up a quick sfz file (with a python script because they were all named C#4.wav D4.wav etc), and it all worked so I have 5 new samples. Thanks for this feature, and just to reasure people that it does work 

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