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Creating an MPE patch in UVI Falcon for Seaboard Rise performance.

I'm a professional musician, producer and sound designer. I've owned a Seaboard Grand for 3 years and recently purchased a Seaboard Rise 49. I just posted a YouTube video demonstrating creating an MPE capable patch in the UVI Falcon synthesizer for performance on my Seaboard Rise 49, which utilizes all five touch dimensions in novel ways. I thought this might be of interest to your "Share your ROLI setups" forum. Here is the link:


Steffen Presley

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Hey Steffen,

Thanks very much for sharing this helpful video. I've added it to the Third-party setup videos article. 



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Happy to be helpful. I have another video which has been up for a while and already has a few thousand views, demonstrating using a Seaboard to play the Animoog synth in MPE mode on an Apple iPad. You might consider adding that one to the "Mobile apps" section. Here is the link: <

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