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Equator arpeggiator

Why there's no? I'd like to use Equator as one-to-all synth, but it hasn't normal arpeggiator ( 

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Yes! I completely agree.  The addition of an arpeggiator and sequencer would greatly enhance the Equator software.

would be it be possible to do this using it as a plugin within something like bitwig and using that to generate the sequences? I am new to this so I don't know if that wlll work. but am hoping that I could use something like bitwig in a live sitauation with all the different synths (equator, strobe, cypher2 etc) running as plugins I'm hoping that will allow me to switch to whichever synth is best for the piece and using bitwig to generate any sequences. Is that possible to do?  (I don't want to be live starting different programs for different songs?!

you have one for Equator indirectly, and that is really good in the Roli Studio Player (2 years later... I hope it is still relevant to you)

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