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studio player crashes

select exploring sounds, selecting an equator sound.

as soon as i move xy pad or cc sliders the app crashes

Hi Maximilien, thanks for this report. Could you please tell us a little more about your system specs, and if RSP was running as a standalone application or within a DAW host?

In fact the problem after a uninstall is even worse.

I am on imac 2019 osx 10.14.6

i own strobe and cypher along with equator

here is what i see now, and no way to instal roli studio again

about your question before, I was running it standalone

Hi Maximilien, thanks for these updates. Were any crash logs produced from the issue you're seeing? If so, please open a new ticket with our support team and attach it there, and they'll be able to take a closer look.

If you quit ROLI Connect and re-launch it, does this resolve the issue you're seeing that's preventing you from launching ROLI Studio Player?

No log because the app just hangs. I tried to close, re launch, reboot, re install. should i still open a new ticket?

Hi Maximilien, yes - please reach out to our support team via a new ticket, which will allow us to take a closer look. Please share as much information as you can with the team, as this will allow us to diagnose the issue as quickly as possible. Feel free to create a video or attach screenshots if necessary.

What is the resolution ? Same thing is happening in Windows 10 ?

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