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ROLI Connect: Install Studio Player Problem

Attempt to install ROLI Studio Player results in message: Unable to start ROLI Hardware Driver

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your screen shot is so small not even superman would be able to read that.

Check that you are logged in to splice and also if your running any sort of firewal or antivirus software give permission as it might be blocking you from  the  splice app.

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Andrii Maryash

1,Open Finder

2, Press Command+Shift+G to open the dialogue box

3, Input /var/db/ 

Did you guys find a solution to fix this issue? I’ve the same issue and I can’t get it fix, the customer support is awful, if someone can help me that will be great. I’m running Mac OS thanks in advance.

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I have tried everything that I have read on this thread, but nothing is allowing me to install the Studio player. It keeps saying unable to start role hardware driver.

please help if anyone can

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I have not yet!  I have repeated as they say so many times but so far no success.

there is never rpkg file on my /var/db/

I have tried so many times, that's so frustrating!

@daniel williams did you fix it?
No solution. Not that I'm aware of. After spending a thousand dollars, and finding out it doesnt work on Windows or Androids, it's such a waste. Now I have to wait until I can spend another 2 grand on a MacBook. Btw, I do have a MacBook air but it doesn't respond as well on that on Bluetooth either.
I had the same issues as well and the support team couldn’t help me, please anyone dealing with that issue please stop doing what the support team telling you because technically it doesn’t make any sense. I’m going to share with y’all what I did and it was easy. If you on a Mac and you are the administrator please activate the guest account and sign in to it and give it access to the shared folder, try to install roli connect and follow the normal process everything should be fine. I was frustrated for days as well, I know how you guys feel, customer support team I’m sorry you guys not helping at all and please stop telling customers to “keep trying to delete the db or rpkg folder”.

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Geth Desroches thank you very much, your way works, I recommend it

Im using a brand new Surface laptop 3 with windows 10. Ive just installed connect and tried to install the studio but it says the hardware driver isnt working. Its not even installed. In the Roli file folder it only has 2 files but nothing about hardware driver. there IS no file to delete "db". What the hell is wrong with this company that after 2 years they cant even work out this bug?

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“First, ensure that ROLI Hardware Driver is not running as a service by launching Task Manager and heading to the Services tab. If ROLI Hardware Driver is running, do not proceed with below steps.” This is the most important part! If u stop the service before delete the db folders, the fix works!

I've tried everything from what the agent posted on Windows 10 fixes (to which there are no db folders or files) to uninstalling it all and reinstalling it. None of this works at all. I've just spent money on a useless brick. Has no one found an actual solution to this problem?

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