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rise preset switcher

is this not active with studio player accidently? i cannot use my hardware buttons to browse presets, i participated in the beta and mentioned this issue at the time and it has not been addressed

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Hi Richard,

As much as we wanted to incorporate every single piece of feedback we received during the beta period in v1.0.0 of ROLI Studio Player, unfortunately this wasn't completely possible. However, feature requests and ideas that haven't made it into v1.0.0 are still being developed to be introduced with future updates.

Unfortunately it wasn't possible to include RISE preset switching in this update, for which we'd like to apologise, but please rest assured that this request has been logged and is something we'll address as soon as we can.

Likewise with factory presets of the engines and the presets you currently access in NOISE soundpacks, we plan on introducing support for these in the future. We'd love to be able to introduce everything at once, but wanted to focus on ensuring the hardware integration was complete for v1.0.0. As a new piece of software available without additional cost to all ROLI hardware owners, we appreciate that it can be frustrating if your suggestion isn't included in the following update, but we're doing what we can to ensure that ROLI Studio Player can become a versatile and creative application for all ROLI creators.

hello there. in response to "but wanted to focus on ensuring the hardware integration was complete for v1.0.0. "

I feel the exact same way, when the version came out of beta i assumed roli wouldn't publically release something unless it worked with all their hardware. its like apple releasing an OS update that stops the laptops from having working media keys. If i can't control the software then my hardware has no use for the software. I am already planning to use your block system as i understand this is your new focus (rightfully so) and very creatively inspiring but when I know I've already made a big investment I don't want to feel disregarded as a customer where future updates are prioritised on particular hardware rather than the roli experience as a whole

Hi Ricardo,

We very much appreciate the potential for ROLI Studio Player to integrate all existing ROLI hardware with the software, and are continuing to work to improve the experience for both BLOCKS creators and Seaboard RISE creators. While it wasn't possible to incorporate RISE preset switching in this update, we are continuing to improve ROLI Studio Player behind the scenes. Regarding the preset switching specifically, incorporating the messaging format sent from the RISE to the browser engine in ROLI Studio Player is non-trivial and something that we're attempting to solve.

We're sorry if you feel disregarded, but would like you to know that we're continuing with our efforts to provide new updates and products for all existing hardware owners.

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