The silicone surfaces of ROLI instruments are strong but can be damaged by harsh cleaning products, and for good connections between Blocks the DNA connectors should be kept clean. To keep your ROLI instruments clean and in good condition here are a few care tips:

  • Dust is easily removed with either a lint roller or surface wipes. We recommend unscented cleaning wipes, such as those made by Seventh Generation and Dettol, that contain no harmful chemicals which could damage the silicone.
  • The silicone keywaves are sensitive to bleach or other harmful chemicals such as xylene (bimethylbenzene) and acetone.
  • Oil is easily absorbed by the silicone playing surface and cannot be removed so be careful to wash your hands after eating.
  • Store Seaboards horizontally, as in their normal playing position.
    • If the Seaboard is stored on its side (i.e. vertically) for a long period of time, this can cause the keywaves to slightly detach from the gel underneath. This is easily fixable, though. Just leave the Seaboard on a flat and level surface for at least an hour. After which you should find that the keywaves have settled and the air bubble should have gone.
  • Vacuum cleaners are very powerful – don’t use them to suck up dust on the playing surface.
  • Long exposure to direct sunlight can warp the silicone playing surface.
  • Keep ROLI instruments away from pets. Cats, dogs and other clawed animals will cheerfully tear the playing surface into little pieces.