ROLI's 5D instruments transmit standard MIDI messages, so are compatible with any instrument that can receive those messages and produce audio as a result. To transmit the five dimensions of touch polyphonically, Seaboards and Lightpads use MPE – MIDI Polyphonic Expression.

Take a look at our guides for how to control third-party instruments with the Seaboard.

When using the Seaboard or Lightpad as a controller for another instrument – either software or hardware – there are a few settings and capabilities to check in order to fully unlock the Seaboard and Lightpad’s expressive touch dimensions.

Black Strike

Strike – this is the initial force with which you contact the keywaves and is transmitted as note-on velocity.

Black Press

Press – this is the continuous measurement of pressure on the keywaves throughout the note, and it is transmitted as channel pressure (aftertouch).

Black Glide

Glide – this is the full range of left/right gestures from vibrato to glissando. It is transmitted as pitch bend and uses a minimum range of +/- 2 semitones. You should set your instrument to use the same pitch bend range as is set in ROLI Dashboard (the default is+/- 48 semitones).

Black Slide

Slide – this is the front/back dimension and is transmitted by CC74 (brightness)

Slide is not supported by the Seaboard GRAND.

Black Lift

Lift – this is the speed at which you end contact with the keywave. It is transmitted as note-off (release) velocity.

To respond polyphonically to the Seaboard and Lightpad's expressive dimensions of touch, your synth should be multi-timbral.