Some instruments can only respond to specific MIDI messages, or can only assign specific parameters to them. For example, Filter Cutoff might be hardwired to CC19, LFO rate to CC42, and so on. The Seaboard RISE and GRAND's dimensions of touch are also hardwired to their specific MIDI messages, but there is a solution. 

Note: ROLI Dashboard allows you to change the MIDI messages of the Seaboard and Lightpad Block's Slide dimension of touch.

Using a modifier to convert MIDI messages

If your instrument requires a particular MIDI message for the parameter that you wish to control, you can use a MIDI modifier to change the MIDI message being transmitted. Cubase and Logic, for instance, both have MIDI modifiers available as MIDI plug-ins for instrument tracks.

In the example below, we have loaded "Modifier" into Logic's MIDI FX. We're using Modifer to convert the Seaboard's Press (aftertouch) to CC19 so that it can be recognised by the Moog Sub Phatty and control its Filter Cutoff Frequency, as advised in the manual.

Moog Sub Phatty Aftertouch to Filter