GeoShred is an expressive iOS app that pairs physical modeling synthesis with MPE compatibility, making it a great match for the Seaboard and Lightpad Block. Setting it up with the RISE and Lightpad Block is simple, and this article will walk you through the process.

Put your ROLI instrument into Bluetooth pairing mode

Seaboard RISE

Unplug the Seaboard RISE’s USB cable and switch the Seaboard on by pressing the circular Power/Mode button at the bottom left. If the Mode button’s light is flashing blue, it is ready for Bluetooth pairing.

RISE power button bluetooth flash

Alternatively, press and release both Preset Switch buttons together to enter Bluetooth pairing. You can perform the same action again to cancel Bluetooth pairing – the Mode button’s light will stop flashing blue.

RISE preset switch buttons

Follow the next step to setup MIDI over Bluetooth, which is performed differently from normal Bluetooth pairing.


Turn on the Lightpad Block (or if it’s already on, press the power button briefly) until a blue expanding wave pattern appears indicating that the Block is in Bluetooth pairing mode.

Switch on your device's Bluetooth

From the homepage of your iPhone, open the Settings:


Select Bluetooth Settings:

Bluetooth in iPhone settings

Check that Bluetooth is switched on. The Seaboard or Lightpad Block will not appear in the devices list because they are MIDI-over-Bluetooth devices, so the pairing process differs from other Bluetooth devices.

iPhone Bluetooth is switched on

Connect to the Seaboard or Lightpad in GeoShred

Exit the iOS devices's settings and launch GeoShred.

  • In GeoShred, navigate to Menu > Global > MIDI.


  • When the MIDI menu opens, click the Bluetooth icon. With the Seaboard or Lightpad in Bluetooth pairing mode, select it from menu.


  • Once your Seaboard or Lightpad is connected to GeoShred, click the MIDI icon (just to the right of the Bluetooth icon). From the MIDI menu, select "ROLI Seaboard."


Now you're ready to make music!

See the GeoShred website for FAQs, video tutorials, and online documentation.