The RISE's battery charges when the RISE is plugged into a power-supplied device through the USB cable or directly to a power source.

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With your Seaboard RISE connected to your computer by USB, open ROLI Dashboard from your computer’s applications/programs folder. Mouse over the visualizer, and in the lower left you'll see your RISE's details, including the current battery status.

RISE Dashboard Battery status

The Power/Mode button indicates the battery’s level of charge. When charging the LED will blink red, amber, or green at a five-second interval to indicate a charge status of low charge, half charge, or full charge.

When the RISE is not connected to a power source, the Power/Mode button’s LED will flash continuously to notify you of the level of the diminishing charge. The rapidity of red flashes indicates the battery life:

  • Flashes red once every five seconds: Battery is low with less than 60 minutes of playing time remaining.
  • Flashing red once every three seconds: Battery is low with less than 40 minutes of playing time remaining.
  • Flashing red once every two seconds: Battery is very low with less than 20 minutes of playing time remaining.
  • Three rapid red flashes: RISE is preparing to shut off.

Charge times are as follows:

  • USB connected and RISE switched on: 7 hours to full charge.
  • USB connected and RISE switched off: 5.5 hours to full charge.
  • External DC supply, RISE on or off: 3 hours to full charge.

When fully charged, the Seaboard RISE’s battery delivers up to 8+ hours of continuous play.

Protecting the battery

If you anticipate not using your RISE for three months or longer, we recommend that you take the following steps to ensure its functionality:

  • Keep it fully charged when not in use.
  • Store it in an environment with low humidity and a temperature between 10–25° C / 50–77° F.
  • Keep it away from corrosive gas.

To protect the health of the lithium polymer battery, we recommend you charge your RISE every six months at the minimum.

External power supplies

An external power supply is not provided with the RISE. External power supplies with an input voltage of 100–240V AC and an output voltage of 9–12V DC 18W center pin positive can be used. The measurements for the DC power input are: 

  • 4mm (outside diameter)
  • 1.7mm (internal diameter)
  • 11mm shaft length.

USB power supplies

Other USB-B power supplies may also be used to charge the RISE as long as they do not exceed 5.5V.