Your Blocks don’t seem to be charging.


To ensure proper operation of your BLOCKS, you will want to make sure you are charging them properly.

Lightpad and Seaboard Blocks have a USB type C port and come with a USB type C to USB type A cable for charging.

USB type A and C

The Loop, Live, and Touch Blocks charge through DNA connection to a Lightpad or Seaboard Block. Live, Loop  and Touch Blocks can be connected via MIDI-over-Bluetooth separately, but still require a Lightpad or Seaboard Block to charge.

Recommended Chargers

When charging a Lightpad Block, we recommend using a 5 volt/1 amp charger. If you are charging a Live or Loop Block along with your Lightpad Block, we recommend using a 5 volt/3 amp USB charger.

We recommend charging your Lightpad Block with the ROLI supplied USB cable connected to:

Battery indication

BLOCKS can be charged even when they are turned off. When turned on, the Power LED on the Power / Bluetooth button indicates the current battery status of the Lightpad/Seaboard Block and when the Lightpad/Seaboard Block is being charged.

The Power LED will display green when fully charged, yellow when partially charged and red when the charge is below 20%.

If your Block still isn't charging

Please get in touch with our Support team here and we will be happy to help you.