Before you record...

Tap the Click icon and switch to 'On'.

'Click' icon

If you have a Loop Block you can activate and de-activate the Click simply by pressing the button with this symbol on your Block.

We recommend you use the Click – especially for Drum Kit recordings – as it will help you keep in time so that your pattern loops smoothly.

To record in an empty loop slot in Song View:

  • Go to the Song View – one of two main views in the NOISE app. Access it by swiping down from the top centre of the Instrument View in NOISE. Here you can select a loop slot to record to and arrange your loops into songs. The Instruments are arranged in 4 rows or Tracks from top to bottom starting with the Drum Kit on top and three Solo Instruments below. There are 12 available loop slots per instrument – on the iPhone, you can view 4 at a time; you can switch sections from the 3 indicators at the bottom of your menu.These loops can be triggered in any order to create an original song on-the-fly.
  • You'll see a '+' icon appear in the center of the loop cell. Tap the cell again – you'll be re-directed to the Instrument View.
  • Tap the Record button – a 4-beat count-in will commence.
  • At the end of the count-in, the selected cell from the Song View as well as the Record button will turn red – play to record!
  • When your recording time is up, what you played will loop automatically.

To edit/record over a loop slot in Song View:
  • Go to the Song View – just swipe down from the top centre of the screen – and tap on the loop slot you wish to record over
  • While the loop plays back, go back to the Instrument View – just swipe up from the bottom centre of the screen – and tap Record
  • At the end of the countdown, play to record your pattern as above!

You can re-record during playback. In this case, your countdown will begin at whichever point you press Record and will last as long as the other loops.