1. Before following these steps, please ensure that ROLI Connect is fully up to date. Connect auto-updates upon launch, so please wait a few minutes after launching Connect to ensure it is on the latest version.

2. Once Connect is up to date, update ROLI Dashboard to the latest version using the Update button in the Apps tab.

3. After both are updated, proceed to update LUMI's firmware.

How to update the firmware

  1. Open ROLI Connect and launch ROLI Dashboard.

  2. Connect your LUMI Keys to Dashboard using a USB cable. Push the power button to turn it on.

    1.  If you have more than one LUMI, please only connect one at a time.

  3. Select “Updates” on the right side of the Dashboard window next to LUMI’s battery level indicator.

  4. Select “Update now”.

  5. Your LUMI Keys will automatically restart which confirms the update has been completed successfully.

If you need further help with these instructions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team.