When purchasing software or hardware from ROLI.com, you are given the option of either automatically registering the included software to your account, or having the serial numbers emailed to you for manual registration. 

If your email address has a ROLI account linked to it, the default option is to have the software automatically registered to your account. In this scenario, no serial number will be issued. Make sure to check ROLI Connect for your software downloads before searching for your serial numbers.

The guide and video below explain how to register your software serial numbers using ROLI Connect.

Step 1: Find your serial number

They are emailed to you after making the purchase with the subject line ESSENTIAL: Your software serials. Highlight the serial number and copy it to your clipboard. 

Step 2: Download ROLI Connect

Head to roli.com/start to download and install Connect, then sign in with your ROLI account, or create one in the application. 

Step 3: Click the registration button

Then paste your unique serial number and click Register.

Step 4: Download your software

Once registered, a banner will confirm this and you can download the software from the 'Apps' tab.