What is Strobe2?

Strobe2 is a performance-oriented software synthesizer designed to achieve realistic analogue-modelled sounds with easy and fast sound design. It is a sequel to the cult classic Strobe from DCAM Synth Squad.

Is Strobe2 modelled on any particular synths?

Strobe2 does not emulate any particular synths - instead, its creation involved analysis of a large variety of analogue synthesizers in order to create a model of a new instrument. It is heavily inspired by the Roland SH101, Oberheim OB-1 and SCI Pro-One but has possibilities far beyond these such as polyphony and far deeper modulation/sound design capabilities.

Why is Strobe2 not part of a bundle of synths like Strobe v1?

Releasing synths separately allows faster development and the ability for the user to purchase only the synths they need.


Being a Strobe2 or DCAM Synth Squad user entitles you to upgrade prices for subsequent v2 synth releases.

Why does Strobe2 have only a single oscillator?

Strobe2's single 'super-oscillator' actually provides many multi-oscillator sounds but with the benefit of far fewer controls to make programming fast and easy.


  • The 2 main waveforms, 4 sub osc waveforms and noise generator feature individual level mixing

  • It is possible to stack and detune up to 4 additional copies of the oscillator

  • Detuning stacked oscs can produce subtle to extreme effects and even chord sounds

  • The built-in Hard-Sync function raises the main osc pitch while re-synchronizing it to the master pitch

  • The TransMod system makes it possible to vary settings for each unison voice - using 2 unison voices effectively gives you a second entire Strobe2 layer

What's new in Strobe2?

Some highlights:


  • New built-in effects suite with parameters which can be TransMod-modulated

  • Revamped arpeggiator with better control and versatility

  • Fast preset-switching using a set of 'edit-buffer' slots for live performance

  • Preset morphing and randomizing for exploring new sounds

  • Lock individual controls or group controls so that they remain unchanged during editing and preset loading/switching/morphing/randomizing operations

  • Improved voice engine with better timing and envelope accuracy

  • Optimizations for Intel AVX/AVX2 instruction sets on modern i3/i5/i7 CPUs

  • New improved interface with real-time animated modulation

  • Redesigned preset browser - faster to use; can be always visible or switched off

  • Microtuning support: import scale definitions in the widely-used Scala .tun format

  • Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression support - use next-generation controllers like ROLI Seaboard and RL Linnstrument

  • Oscillator enhancements: phase-reset, constant-beat detuning and key-tracking tone controls for more control and precise sound design

  • Wider sub osc range with waveshaper on sub osc output

  • Sub osc can be unlinked from the oscillator’s Detune and Sync functions, making many more sounds possible

  • Gain-compensated filter overdrive for quick access to varied filter tones

  • Filter mode transitions are now smoothed, allowing continuous mode modulation without clicks

  • LFO now features secondary clock-divided 'sub LFO'

  • Looping ramp mode provides another polyphonic saw LFO

  • New complex modulation processors - Euclid and Curve processors

  • 16 TransMod slots instead of 8

  • A completely revamped factory preset library containing over 900 inspiring sounds


Is there a demo version?

Yes - the Strobe2 download can be either authorized using a purchased FXpansion serial, through a ROLI account or used in demo mode. The demo can be converted to a full version by subsequently purchasing and then authorizing with the purchased serial on 


Is Strobe2 a drop-in replacement for the original Strobe?

No - Strobe2 is an entirely new plugin and can co-exist alongside the old version. Strobe2 can browse and import Strobe v1 presets (if they exist on your system) using the 'Legacy' button in its browser section. Please note that owing to slight differences in the synthesis engine, some v1 presets may sound slightly different.



Does Strobe2 have built-in effects?

Yes - Strobe2 features a suite of over 25 FX processors which can be loaded into 6 FX slots. Processors include the following which will be familiar to DCAM Synth Squad Fusor users:


  • Gain

  • EQ (4-band)

  • Mix Filters

  • Comp Chan (limiting amplifier compressor)

  • Comp Bus (console bus compressor)

  • Noise Gate

  • Delay

  • TinCanVerb

  • Freezer

  • Phaser

  • Flanger

  • Chorus

  • AutoFilter

  • RingMod

  • FreqShift

  • BitCrusher

  • Drive

  • Amber Chorus (with several new chorus models)

  • Amber Formants


The suite also includes the following new devices:


  • EQ-6F (6-band)

  • Pitch EQ (3-band EQ tuned in semitones)

  • Enhancer

  • Env Shaper

  • FX-Verb (high-quality algorithmic reverb)

  • Pattern Delay (multi-tap delay)

  • Nonlinear RingMod (new ring modulator model)

  • PhaseMod Array (oscillators which are FM-modulated by the input signal)

  • DirtyDAC (a model of a low-fi digital-to-analogue converter, offering a differnent flavour of bitcrushing)


Will DCAM: Synth Squad work in my host?

DCAM: Synth Squad is supported in the following hosts:


Live 7.0.16 and later Logic 7.2.3 and later Pro Tools 7.4cs5 and later Cubase 4.52 and later Sonar 7 and later DP 5.13 and later Reaper 3 EnergyXT v2.5.1 Plogue Bidule v0.9690 FL Studio

Can Strobe2 be used as an audio effect?

No - Strobe2 does not provide this feature.

What plugin formats are provided with Strobe2?

On Mac: AU (64-bit), VST(64-bit) and AAX (64-bit) On Windows: VST(64-bit) and AAX (64-bit)

Is Strobe2 compatible with 32-bit systems?

No - Strobe2 is supported as a 64-bit standalone application and plugin only.

Does Strobe2 feature oscillator phase reset?

Yes - Strobe2 contains this feature, amongst a number of other oscillator enhancements.

Will Strobe2 work in my host?

Strobe2 is tested in most major hosts on Mac and Windows. We encourage you to download and try the demo to ensure compatibility with your DAW/host environment of choice.

What are the system requirements for Strobe2?

Minimum: - Windows 7 or later / Mac OSX 10.9 or later - Core 2 Duo 2.0GHz, 1GB RAM - Internet connection for product download and authorization


Recommended: - i5-2400 (2011) or newer processor with AVX instruction set - 4GB RAM


Is Strobe2 a download or boxed product?

Strobe2 is a download-only product which can be purchased directly from or from an authorized retailer. Purchasing from a retailer involves purchasing a serial which can then be registered using ROLI Connect.


What kind of copy protection scheme is used?

This product features a challenge-response authorization system with four installs allowed on your own machines simultaneously.


  • You need to have an internet connection on the computers on which it is installed in order to authorise the product. After being authorised, Strobe2 can run offline for 14 days. 

  • Until the product is authorized, it runs in demo mode.


We have tried very hard to make the authorization procedure as pain-free as possible. Please understand that it is necessary for safeguarding your investment in future development and user support.


Our products do not use iLok or any other unified protection scheme. We do not believe in such systems' security and would rather not pass on their costs to our customers.

Can I use it on both my laptop and main machine?

Yes - you can install on up to 4 machines as long as only 1 is running it at any one time. Site / volume licensing is also available (POA - please contact us for details).

Do I need to re-authorize when installing the OS again or upgrading the OS/hardware?

A new major operating system version is enough of a change that the authorization system will require re-authing the product; point releases should be fine. Likewise, a significant hardware change will also require re-authorization. We will be monitoring the situation closely and adjusting the flexibility of the authorization system to get the best balance of copy protection and annoyance levels.

Do you allow license transfers?

Yes - please contact the Support Team to request this.


  • Review copies, NFRs (Not For Resale copies, sometimes used for in-store demos), etc., cannot be transferred under any circumstances.

  • We reserve the right to refuse a license transfer request.

  • Once a transfer is authorised, the new owner is entitled to exactly the same upgrade paths and technical support resources as if they had bought the product new.