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Sample based libraries in Seaboard Rise

As a Seaboard Rise owner, I feel very frustrated not being able to use your Noise Soundpacks on my desktop Windows computer.
It's a pity to have wait so long for a product because of its expensiveness and see you are mainly  developing products for Seaboard Blocks.
Equator (should be resizable : one's can hardly read the characters, tags could be improved, I think of a recognition system based on similarity of sounds as in Omnisphere for exemple, and the ability to easily import one's own samples could be implemented) and Strobe 2 are synths.
What about sample based apps/plugins ? I mainly think of SWAM engines and Samplemodeling, I've seen and heard them used with the TEC USB MIDI Breath and Bite Controller 2 and  ... WOW ! The Seaboard Rise could as well magnify the sound and expression of  instruments such as saxophones, clarinets or strings ...
Provide us with Windows compatible products for the Seaboard Rise asap please!


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Sample support for Equator is a very popular request! We've merged this into the topic "Sample support in Equator" topics together since they cover the same request. Go to the main topic and cast your vote!

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