New Equator sounds for RISE/GRAND/Equator Full creators

Good news: the Colours of India soundpack by AR Rahman's KMMC includes several sounds made with Equator, and these sounds are now available for creators with the full version of Equator. You may download them on your My ROLI page ( The sounds are:

  • Bansuri Flute
  • Jaltarang
  • Nadaswaram
  • Veena

(Note: the drum kits included in the NOISE soundpack are not available for Equator, as they do not use the Equator sound engine.)

Additionally, all creators with the full version of Equator now have access to the BLOCKS Extended Library, also accessible from My ROLI. 


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This came up in another thread: if you'd like to add the Colours of India presets to a playlist, simply follow these steps:


I seem to have the samples but not the presets. I was sent RISE 1.1.7.sysx but  am unsure what to do with it.

Hi Mark, 

RISE 1.1.7.syx is the firmware for the RISE and is completely separate from Equator and these presets. 

If you've downloaded the Colours of India soundpack from your My ROLI page and run the installer, you should be able to locate the presets by ensuring all tags are unselected and following the above instructions. If you continue having trouble finding these presets please feel free to send our support team a screenshot of Equator's Preset Browser as you are trying to find these presets.

Hey Ian, what instrument are you using to play these sounds? They've been optimized for the Seaboard RISE and BLOCKS, and so they may be quieter when played with a GRAND.

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