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Native Equator VST plugin for Linux

It would be amazing to have Linux as a supported platform for the VST plugin. It seems that I currently have to run the Windows VST through Wine for it to work with Ardour.

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+1 for Linux support

Hello! I currently have Equator working with Bitwig on a freshly updated Arch Linux install as of May 22nd using LinVst: Takes a little work to set up but it's running well right now! I followed partly the documentation and partly this video:

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Hello! I've had some success running Equator inside Bitwig on Linux using LinVst: I followed the process described in this video:, except using Equator instead. Still working on getting extra content libraries to load though. Obviously native linux would definitely be preferable, but it works surprisingly well right as is!

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+1 for GNU/Linux support     :)

+1 for GNU/Linux support!

+1 for GNU/Linux support in general. If not, +1 for helping the community to make their own development giving the needed information.

+1 Linux ftw

+1 for Linux builds of VSTs!

+1 for Linux support I hope that the relation with Apple doesn’t compromise this possibility. Roli: open source is the future, community wins against private corporations, crowdfunding gave birth to products that private companies ignored to create for years. Take this train before you lose it

+1 the lack of this considering there is a JUCE backend is disappointing. I understand linux users are a small part of the customer base, but please please support open operating systems.

+1 for Linux support. Please consider supporting linux! 

I just bought a seabord block, as an incentive to Roli to develop for LINUX/ANDROID/RPI :)

+1 For me as well! Please please please

+1 for a equator version which can run a small hardware. linux version also fine. but I want to connect my seaboard to a piece of hardware - instead of running on a pc/mac.

I played with the Seaboard in my local music shop, and really liked it. It's going to take a lot of practice to get good with it though. I'd buy one to practice at home, but I am running Bitwig on Linux Mint, and would like to see a native Linux VST first. Also, a 61 Key RISE would be awesome.

C'mon Roli, how about it? If you really want to sell hardware, then why not open source Equator? In that case the Linux community will take care of the rest.

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