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Native Equator VST plugin for Linux

It would be amazing to have Linux as a supported platform for the VST plugin. It seems that I currently have to run the Windows VST through Wine for it to work with Ardour.

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+1 for a equator version which can run a small hardware. linux version also fine. but I want to connect my seaboard to a piece of hardware - instead of running on a pc/mac.

+1 For me as well! Please please please

I just bought a seabord block, as an incentive to Roli to develop for LINUX/ANDROID/RPI :)

+1 for Linux support. Please consider supporting linux! 

+1 the lack of this considering there is a JUCE backend is disappointing. I understand linux users are a small part of the customer base, but please please support open operating systems.

+1 for Linux support I hope that the relation with Apple doesn’t compromise this possibility. Roli: open source is the future, community wins against private corporations, crowdfunding gave birth to products that private companies ignored to create for years. Take this train before you lose it

+1 for Linux builds of VSTs!

+1 Linux ftw

+1 for GNU/Linux support in general. If not, +1 for helping the community to make their own development giving the needed information.

+1 for GNU/Linux support!

+1 for GNU/Linux support     :)

Hello! I've had some success running Equator inside Bitwig on Linux using LinVst: I followed the process described in this video:, except using Equator instead. Still working on getting extra content libraries to load though. Obviously native linux would definitely be preferable, but it works surprisingly well right as is!

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Hello! I currently have Equator working with Bitwig on a freshly updated Arch Linux install as of May 22nd using LinVst: Takes a little work to set up but it's running well right now! I followed partly the documentation and partly this video:

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+1 for Linux support

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