The Seaboard transmits MIDI over USB and achieves all of its expressive capabilities by using standard MIDI messages.

USB MIDI host modules – such as the Shuttle Control, Expert Sleepers FH-1 and FH-2, Polyend Poly, and Snyderphonics MantaMate – allow you to convert MIDI over USB to control voltage signals for modular synths. The FH-1, for example, can receive multiple MIDI channels simultaneously and output up to 8 channels of control voltage. (The FHX-1 expander allows 8 additional channels per module.) For details, please see our guides on using the Seaboard RISE/GRAND with the Expert Sleepers FH-1 and using the Seaboard/Lightpad Block with the Expert Sleepers FH-1.

Once you've connected the Seaboard's USB output to the modular synth via a USB MIDI host module, check out our guide on setting your synth to be controlled by the Seaboard or browse all third-party hardware guides.

Diagram – Seaboard to hardware instrument via USB MIDI host module