When playing the Seaboard or BLOCKS with Equator, you may see the following message:

"MIDI out of range!"

MIDI out of range Equator warning


Make sure that your Seaboard, BLOCKS, or DAW is transmitting MIDI in the same Channel Range specified in Equator's MIDI/MPE Settings.

When playing Equator live

Open up ROLI Dashboard and make sure that the MIDI and MPE settings in the bottom-right are the same as those you have selected in Equator. Then the Seaboard will transmit MIDI controllers and notes on the channels that Equator can use to process them.

For example, in the screenshot below, MPE is ON and Equator is expecting a Channel Range of 2 – 16 and Global Channel 1. If the corresponding settings are selected in ROLI Dashboard, your MIDI notes will reach the correct channels in Equator and you will not receive "MIDI out of range!" message.

When playing pre-recorded MIDI parts

If you are seeing this message when you play back pre-recorded MIDI or instrument tracks in a DAW file (for example in an Ableton, Logic, Cubase, etc. song or project), it just means that the Equator plug-in's settings have been changed at some point.

Open the MIDI/MPE Settings from the plug-ins menu in the top-right (☰). Make sure you have the same settings which were used when the MIDI part was recorded. For example, if you recorded the part while MPE was OFF and with a channel range of 1 – 10, adjust the Equator plug-in to the same settings now.

Equator MIDI settings MPE on

What does it mean?

Equator is warning you that MIDI notes are being sent to a channel in Equator which is not currently set to respond to them.

This occurs when MPE mode is ON in Equator's MIDI/MPE Settings, but OFF in ROLI Dashboard.

With MPE mode ON in Equator, one channel (usually Ch1) is reserved for Global Controller messages and so doesn't respond to notes. If the Seaboard sends notes on that channel, Equator won't sound them, so you see this message. 

Open Equator menu check MIDI settings

If using Equator as a plugin within a DAW

If you're using Equator as a plugin within a digital audio workstation (like Ableton Live), make sure that you've set up your digital audio workstation and Equator properly – check out setup guides to popular apps here.