All notes are sustained when the pedal is up, and not sustained when the pedal is down.


Some sustain pedals have a reversed polarity. You can reverse the polarity of a sustain pedal used with the Seaboard RISE or GRAND by performing the following steps:

  1. With the pedal plugged into the Seaboard, press and hold the pedal down.
  2. Continue to hold the pedal down and unplug it from the Seaboard.
  3. Release the pedal.
  4. Plug the pedal back into the Seaboard.

This works for switch-type sustain pedals.

Continuous pedals (including "half-damper" and expression pedals) need to have the correct wiring arrangement to work correctly with the Seaboard RISE and GRAND. For continuous pedals, the Seaboard expects the tip of the pedal's TRS ("tip-ring-sleeve") jack to be connected to the wiper of the pedal's internal potentiometer.