Equator isn’t connecting to or recognizing the Seaboard.


There are a few simple things you can check to ensure that your Seaboard is connected to the computer and being seen by Equator:

  • Connection: Make sure that your Seaboard is connected either by USB or Bluetooth (RISE and BLOCKS only, MacOS only).
  • Booted up: Is the Seaboard fully booted? The RISE will take only a few seconds, and the GRAND’s SoundDial will stop spinning to indicate it is fully booted.
  • Restart Equator after connecting and booting up.
  • Select the input: Go into Equator’s Audio/MIDI Settings and make sure that the Seaboard is selected as an input by clicking on it – the circle will fill to indicate that it is selected.

If you have opened Equator before fully connecting your GRAND, the SoundDial Manager might report that the Seaboard is not connected. Just close Equator and launch it again once the Seaboard is ready to be detected.

Windows creators: if only one app at a time recognizes the Seaboard, it's possible that the multi-client driver – included with ROLI Dashboard – was not correctly installed. Close all open audio apps, and reinstall ROLI Dashboard, and this should allow you to use the Seaboard with multiple apps simultaneously.

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