When registering a product in ROLI Connect, you may see one of the following error messages.

"It looks like this serial number is already registered."

  • If you bought the product second-hand from a private seller, the Support Team can clear the license for you to allow you to download the bundled ROLI software. Please contact them here and choose: 

1. Account, Registration and Authorisation Inquiries

2. Issues with a ROLI account / product 

3. I cannot register my product

Please note that bundled third-party licenses are not transferred to the new user.

  • If you bought this product new from ROLI.com, please get in touch with our Support Team to resolve this.

"We don't recognize that serial number, double check that it's correct."

The serial number is incorrect, so check the serial number is exactly the same as is printed on the unit. You may have entered an 'I' instead of a '1' or a 'B' instead of an '8', for example. 

"You have already registered this serial number."

This confirms that the product has already been registered to your account, so no further action is required.

Need more help?

Just get in touch with our Support Team who will be happy to help you register your product.