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Bluetooth MIDI clock send/receive option in NOISE...

Is there any chance to get NOISE app responding to the MIDI clock (via Bluetooth) in order to send/receive such data?


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Try out the "Ableton Link" feature. It is very similar to MIDI clock and it is wireless.

Thanks Ruben, I'll need a router to connect to, right? Do you need to switch a Bluetooth at the same time? I'm using iPhone X and iPadAir and whenever I want to sync or share something directly, Apple says both wifi and Bluetooth must be on...

Hm… Not really. AFAICT, Link uses any kind of local network connection, even if it originates from a desktop (not connected to the Internet). Bluetooth could be off.

Something which is really neat about Link is that it sends more than just a clock. You also get bar and phase, not to mention transport. There’s a Max patch which makes these things very clear.

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Thanks Alex, have already tried and works good, although the apps l’m using are DrumJam and ROLI NOISE, do not respond to start/stop unfortunately. Is there any option I could choose to get that?
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