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RISE with Korg Kronos

Does anyone have any experience setting up the RISE with the Kronos? I know the Kronos has multiple MIDI channels so it should be good to go.

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Hey Budgie,

Great question – we plan on doing a tutorial article and video on using the Korg Kronos with ROLI instruments soon. In the meantime, you might find this creator video on setting up the Kronos and the Seaboard RISE useful:



The Kronos is a very flexible multi-timbral synth, so it technically has everything you need to create a fully responsive 5D patch for the Seaboard (which is only sending standard MIDI messages), it just takes some setting-up.

First things first – channels

You want to start by setting your Seaboard in Single Channel mode via ROLI Dashboard. This will make it much easier to setup with the Kronos. The trade-off is that you won’t initially have expressive polyphony (what is that?), but you can remedy that later.

For example, if you are using channel 1 on the Kronos, then you must set ROLI Dashboard to Single Channel mode and select Channel 1.

So, now you want the Kronos to respond to the Seaboard’s dimensions of touch.

Teaching the Kronos to respond

Each dimension of touch is sent using standard MIDI messages. You can see what they are here. The Korg receives those messages and responds in a way that you set.

Check out page 43 of the Kronos manual here. It talks about “Using Alternate Modulation (AMS) and the AMS Mixers”, this appears to be the way that the Kronos uses incoming MIDI messages.

Use this section to set the source (for example Press [aftertouch]) and the target (the parameter you want to modulate with Press, for example Filter cutoff). The Kronos manual also mentions getting more detailed information from the Parameters guide, which is available here.

Below is a list of MIDI messages transmitted for each Dimension of Touch by the Seaboard. Assign each of these to a parameter in the Kronos to hear a response.

Strike – Velocity

Press – aftertouch (sometimes called “channel pressure” or “pressure”)

Glide – pitch bend. Make sure that the pitch bend range of both the Kronos and Seaboard are the same.

Slide – CC74

Lift – release velocity

Enabling Polyphonic Expression

The steps above will help you to create a 5D patch, but you’ll notice that some Dimensions of Touch are not polyphonic. For example, try holding a chord in one hand, then bending a single note in the other hand – all the notes will bend together just like a pitch wheel. That’s because the Kronos and Seaboard are only using one channel.

To enable Polyphonic Expression, you need to:

Duplicate your Kronos patch across multiple channels – one channel per fully expressive voice (more channels, more expressive voices)

Match the channel range using ROLI Dashboard. Switch channel mode to multi, and MPE to OFF.

The number of channels used determines the Expressive Polyphony (see more here)

Also, the creator whose video is above also wrote these helpful instructions:

hi any news about a tutorial with the kronos and seaboard? thanks

Hi Leandro,

Thanks for asking. We do plan on a tutorial on the Korg Kronos and Seaboard, while I don't have a firm estimate on when this will be complete. In the meantime please feel free to reference the creator video and tutorial above.



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