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Best third party synthesizers library sounds for Seaboard


I would like to share with you synthesizer sounds that match as "best sounds" with Roli Seaboard.

When I look videos on the internet, I find good performances, but the sound patches are rarely referenced.

Lots are coming from Equator, which is very nice and full of terrible sounds, but the patches are not identified.

Marco Parisi is the most visible as Roli demonstrator (I think he decided me to buy the seaboard)  He plays with Equator, but not only...

# Full Demo : 


# Purple rain :


#Human nature :



Heen-Wah Wai also plays good demos for Roli, 

# e.g. the Game of Thrones:


The patches are not identified neither :-(

Jordan Rudess also plays nice sounds :



I cannot identify the software GUI he uses.

The editor identifies the saxophone library made by Audio Modeling ( using SWAM technology: 


 In audio modeling songs are unbelievables ! You can here the violin in their product page omg ! 



I believe some may coming from Spectrasonics Omnisphere/Trillian/Keyscape/KeyscapeCreative.


 Other may be coming from EastWest sound packs, maybe ...?


If some of you can help me identify libraries and patches for these kind of performances, It would be great ! 



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Hi Ben, i’m not pretty sure if purple rain is jazz guitar from kontack 5 but one admin told me in one of my tickets with a similar question, that he use this preset to play the guitar in some videos maybe could check it if you have kontack 5, with any native instrument would have the library select with sounds that support mpe, so maybe is a usefull information, i belive that should exist a official list of presets too, or at least put in the description of the video if its in the roli youtube channel, if you finally know which preset is used in games of thrones theme, please tell me, sounds like a really interesting preset

Dear Ben

Firstable, thank you for your posting! I found it just now.

I'm a newcomer withe my seaboard rise 49. I looked at all videos I could find in youtube. When I tried to imitate the demonstrated sounds, I never could reach this sounds. For example:

I can't find this guitar sound. If you could find out (in the period of the last 6 Month) from where this good sounds are coming, please let me know.

I'm very satisfied of the sound modeling sounds, but there are no guitar sound.

Thanks Pierre

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